The History Behind Les Beaux Cashmire

Les Beaux Cahsmire aims to provide a high quality, timeless style that will last a lifetime. A ladylike look.

Les Beaux CashmireThe Cashmire used for our garments is carefully selected from the hircus goats on the edge of the Gobi desert in Asia. The goats are kept so that they brings a sustainable landscape that is so important this day of age.

Les Beaux Cashmire garments are uniquely soft to the touch, very warm in the winter but also insulating from the heat in the summer.  If you're also an automobile fan, it is said that Cashmire is the Rolls Royce of fabrics.

Thanks to the long and thin fibers of Cashmire, the fabric will not burl and will keep its original shape for a lifetime.  Another unique feature of this fabric is its resistance to dirt and everyday smudges.  

Les Beaux Cashmire clothing line is meant to be used on any occasion.  They will look good on a Sunday stroll in the woods, at the office, at an after hours Cocktail party or while you're enjoying some peace and quite time snuggled watching your favorite movie at home.

Cashmire garments are typically limited to the most exclusive and chic boutiques in European fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan or Barcelona.

All of Les Beaux Cashmire garments are hand woven at a family-owned factory located on the coast of Northern Italy.  Perhaps, not far from the very same port where Marco Polo docked his vessel upon returning from his renown travels around the far east.

Since the Cashmire manufacturer has operated for decades by simply relying on good quality craftsmanship and marketing by word of mouth, we do not need to increase our prices to cover advertising expenses.  You can rest assured that as our exclusive customer, you will always find our prices to be lower than those of some of similar boutiques that also offer lower quality products. 

Shop with confidence.  Shop with love.  Enjoy your browsing experience.